Romney: no moral core or just mental illness?

Everyone who has ever tried to explain Romney’s continuous lying and shifting positions may have concluded that it’s a case of no moral core; instead why are we not looking at this type of behavior as a possible mental health issue?  If you look at Mitt’s families past, you may discover similarities between himself and his father George.  When George Romney ran in 1968 for the Republican Presidential Nomination he was in his sixties just like Mitt is now.   On 31 August 1967 even before George’s campaign had officially began and during an interview with Lou Gordon of WKBD-TV in Detroit George Romney stated “When I came back from Viet Nam (in November 1965), I’d just had the greatest brainwashing that anybody can get.” He felt he had been brainwashed by military officials, he then shifted his view on the war from the belief that the war was “morally right and necessary” to “I no longer believe that it was necessary for us to get involved in South Vietnam to stop Communist aggression.”

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia article on George Romney Presidential Campaign, 1968; George Romney’s greatest weakness was his lack of foreign policy expertise (sound familiar)?  The press coverage of the trip focused on Vietnam, reporters were frustrated by Romney’s initial reluctance to speak about it (once again sound familiar)? The article also stated that the qualities that helped Romney succeed as an automotive industry executive worked against him as a presidential candidate; George had difficulty being articulate on any issue, often speaking at length and too forthrightly on a topic and then later correcting himself while maintaining he was not (and again does these traits sound familiar)?  Jack Germond a reporter at the time joked that he was going to add a single key on his typewriter that would print, “Romney later explained….” (anyone else seeing a pattern here about both Romney’s).  The perception grew that George Romney was gaffe-prone (like father like son).   Déjà Vu!

So everyone who believes that Mitt Romney just has no moral core may be incorrect, in all actuality he may have a severe type of mental illness which affects male members of his family once they reach a certain age.  Mitt’s shifting views on social issues, constantly lying about what he believes in, and all the strange statements like; “I like it here, the trees are the right height”, mirrors his father’s odd behavior in the 60’s.  All the strange behavior demonstrated by both Romney men (George and Mitt) may be traced back to some kind of mental illness condition, does anyone knows if Mitt is on any type of medication?  Whether it’s a total lack of moral core values on Mitts’ behalf or a severe mental illness condition, one thing is for sure; Mitt Romney is absolutely unfit and unqualified to hold the office of President of the United States.

On a side note, everyone is currently talking about how Mitt evade serving in the US military during the Viet Nam war, by running to Paris as a Mormon Missionary.  Just like their father all five of Mitt’s sons also only did missionary work instead of serving in the military.  Seems like this trait (avoiding military conflict/service) runs deep in the Romney family, Matt’s grandparents to include a 5 year old George Romney (Mitt’s father)  fled Mexico and came to the United States in 1912 during the Mexican Revolution.  The Romney’s have been running away from military service for generations, only word that comes to mind is cowards…

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America’s Credit Rating get Downgraded Thanks to the Republican Party

Republicans cut spending which cuts jobs and cuts everything possible, now S & P cuts our credit rating, job well done Boehner.  John says he got 98% of everything he wanted during this Republican manufactured debt ceiling crisis.  Well John, you might as well have another drink, your efforts to hold America hostage has paid off with our nation’s credit rating being downgraded.  After the debt ceiling bill was signed Senator Mitch McConnell stated this would be the norm for all future debt ceiling negotiations, in other words he plans to create more man-made crisis and is going to hold all of us hostage again.  President Obama wanted a clean debt ceiling bill just like all prior presidents had received, but no, Republicans plan is to refuse President Obama anything, anything and everything that might help  America.

President Obama created the “panel of six” (3 Republicans and 3 Democrats) in the attempt to work with Republicans in a bipartisan way.  The “panel of six” got close to a deal, identifying numerous spending cuts, then when the only thing left to consider was revenues, the Republicans on the panel got up and walked out.  Next, Eric Cantor got involved in the negotiations and once again when the tax revenues was brought up Cantor decided to act like a 3 year old, crying, stomping his feet, and walking out of the negotiations.  Next, Boehner wanted the President to get directly involved in the talks, so Obama drafted “the big deal” ($4 Trillion bill to include tax revenues) which at this point Boehner yelled foul and walks out.  Republican’s plan is the  destruction of our economy; cut spending as much as possible in order to stall the economic recovery, guess this now includes getting our nation’s credit rating downgraded.  Boehner and McConnell  are willing to drag all of America down in order to blame President Obama in the attempt to regain control of the White House.  Hey Boehner, Cantor spending cuts will NEVER create jobs, economics 101, supply and demand, you are both idiots, what did you two get your degrees in, underwater basket weaving?  Not a single American should ever vote for either of you ever again.

Democrats, you ALL need to wake up and start voicing your concerns  about which direction the Tea Bagger/Republican Congress is taking this economy and our nation.   Why are we, the democratic public NOT seeing any of our 193 Democratic elected Congressional representatives standing on the house steps in front of a TV camera yelling about this Republican manufactured crisis and how they held  this country hostage?  After the debt ceiling bill was signed Eric Cantor stated during an interview he would not extend unemployment benefits because he believes people would rather have jobs.  He failed to state where these jobs would come from or how long it would take, seeing how Republicans have not brought a single jobs bill to the Congress floor or voted on any of the Democratic job bills which have been sent to congress.  It amazes me, why 193 Democratic congresspersons are not screaming, pointing fingers at the Republicans for thier total lack of any job bills which they promised during the mid-term elections.  Democrats need to push job bills to congress weekly and have the Republicans answer the question why they are not acting on these bills. Democrats look what happened in 2010 when you guys did nothing to help yourselves, you didn’t confront the Republicans on the issues, you didn’t fight back on any political subjects and what was the result of all that complacency?  You guys lost seats, a lot of seats and now we are all paying for it with lack of jobs, economic distress and a lower credit rating.  Republicans keep stating the same old 30 year lies and rhetoric and the Democrats are not speaking up, it’s time to take a more forceful and vocal approach when dealing with Republicans, or we all will be paying for  it come November 2012.

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Republican Manufactured Crisis

These debt ceiling talks is just another name for the Republican “I’ll take everything,” debt ceiling plan.  Our current situation is an entirely man made manufactured Republican crisis, just like Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker’s deficit crisis. Walker created a make believe crisis then demanded outrageous corrective actions, like killing collective bargaining, telling America that it was the only way the state’s deficit could be corrected. Even though it was an out-right lie, it was a way he could force his Republican ideology on Wisconsinites in order to kill unions, in the attempt to defund Democratic political fund raising.

Republicans has used this tactic in the past, just look at last year’s budget talks, after Democrats finally agreed to some $68 Billion dollars in spending cuts to resolve the “budget crisis”, the Republicans then turned around at the last minute and moved the goal post again, stating if Plan Parenthood wasn’t defunded they would not vote for the
new budget and shutdown the entire government. We cannot afford to go through these “made up crisis” again and again at the hands of the Republicans/Tea Party on every budget issues that face our government. President Obama was correct when he stated that the Republicans would hold America hostage again if we agree to any short term ceiling deficit compromise, and having to do this all over again in six months.

Republicans wants to waste America’s time with budgets and deficits so the real subject of jobs and the economy is put on the back burner, Republicans wants everyone to take their eyes off the real topic for as long as possible, they were voted into congress/office on a platform of “JOB CREATORS” but they haven’t produced a signal job bill, in fact they have eliminated existing bills which produces jobs. They have no intention to create any jobs, all they want to do is to keep cutting spending in the effort to eliminate as many American jobs as possible and slow the economy recovery, then they will blame President Obama, but they may end up destroying America at the same time.

John Boehner can no longer control members in his own caucus; there is a new radical right-wing party within his party who knows so little about governing and nothing about political compromise or anything that would be good for the country.  If Boehner can’t train or whip his young right-wingers into shape then he might as well go to his favorite bar and do the one thing that he’s highly proficient at; drinking, cheers John.  Eric Cantor has more control over the right-wing Teabaggers then Boehner ever will.  All the while Cantor continues to undercut his blood-shot-eye daddy at every turn in the attempt to overthrow his Speakership, because Cantor wants what he wants, when he wants it, and he wants it now.  Boehner, failed to get enough votes to pass his own debt ceiling bill within his own caucus even with all of his arm twisting tactics.  Boehner ended up kissing a bunch of right-wing asses and was forced to his knees, having to add a balance budget amendment to the constitution clause to his bill to get enough  tea-bagger on board, knowing good and well this would never pass the Senate. Boehner actions only goes to shows just how little shame he has left and has now officially become the mouth piece for Cantor and the tea party caucus.  Shame John, Shame.

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Republicans may win Debt Negotiations while Democrats gets nothing again!

Looks like the Democrats are once again going to give away the store and receive nothing in return.  Has anyone educated the Democrats on the basic principal of negotiations?  OK, I’ll try, Democrats listen up, negotiations should be a give and take with compromising being the key and the final deal being a mixture of both sides giving something to get a balanced deal.   If Republicans’ wasn’t going to agree to a  clean debt ceiling bill from the start, then why on earth would Democrats give away 1.5 trillion in spending cuts without a signal dollar in new revenues, corporate tax cuts, or loophole closures?  It’s  getting harder to understand the Democratic Party mind set, when they continue to cave on everything the Republicans want, shows just how much the Democratic Party has become a bunch of spineless wimps.  Has any Democrat looked at current polls, hell almost 75-80 percent of Americans want tax increases on the rich, they want big business to pay their fair share as part of a balanced debt solution, but you democrats insist on giving-in to the Republican’s every demand without any revenues generated to help reduce the deficit.

Mr. President, with all due respect-how exactly are you helping the America people when it comes to these negotiations? What about “nothing is agreed upon until everything is agreed upon,” and you would not going to accept anything which is not a balance approach to debt reduction.  Where is the Democratic Party side of this equation, you know some type of revenue?  If you’re going to give away 1.5 Trillion and get nothing in return, how is that helping us (you know the middle class/poor who voted for you), how can you look the American people in the eye and say you’re fighting for us? If you mean you’re fight is to give Republicans any/everything they want without objection, then you’re doing a fine job Mr. President.  If you’re not going to get anything in return then why are you not pushing for the clean debt bill like you originally asked for? Don’t give anything without getting something in return. You keep saying you’re bending over backwards to compromise with Republicans, well seeing how you’re not getting anything in return, to me that mean you’re just bending over. Stop already, stand up and push for things that will help Americans.

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Open Your Eyes America

Things have become really crazy in today’s government; the Republican Party is willing to destroy America’s credit rating, crash global and US stock markets, demolish employee’s 401K funds, put hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work and most likely plunge us into a second great depression.  Exactly what the Republicans wants, they don’t care about American’s poor or middle class they only care about getting bigger tax cuts/breaks for the top 2 percent of Americans (their benefactor). The more funds they can free up claiming deficit reduction the more money they can give away to big business, big oil, and super rich.  All in the effort to blame President Obama in the attempts to make him a one term President, this is their number one plan; no matter what it cost the American people or our country.

Republicans have become the Party of “NO.”  They will not vote yes on anything which may stimulate the economy; in fact they have voted “NO” on several job bills submitted by the President and the Democrats. Not only have they denied passing any new job bills, they have voted to eliminate current bills which are proven job creators.  Now, they want to cut transportation and transit infrastructure funding, cutting it so deeply that it would eliminate a half a million jobs next year alone.   The whole idea here is to get and keep as many people unemployed as possible before the 2012 election.  This is not just a federal plan; all newly elected Republican Governors are using the same play book.  These Governors were elected on their promises to create jobs, but instead have left in their wake massive job losses while passing ideologically driven budgets with major cuts to education, health care, other vital social services also trying to eliminate collective bargaining and crushing unions. Here’s a breakdown on how Republican Governors are stalling economic growth and keeping unemployment as high as possible. Let’s look at the top four (Walker, Kasich, Scott, and Snyder).

– Walker’s budget: According to UW-Madison economist study, more than 21,000 jobs will be lost.

– Kasich’s budget will cause the loss of more than 51,000 jobs.

– Scott’s budget would cost well over 14,000 jobs.

–  Snyder’s budget cuts will eliminate nearly 15,000 education jobs.

Adding the 28,000 jobs lost from the refusal of Walker, Kasich, and Scott to accept Obama’s federal money and build high-speed rail in their states to the overall total  and we are well above 100,000 jobs lost due to these 4 Governors alone.  Additionally, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels was asked during an interview if he thought pushing a partisan political agenda that included deep budget cut were worth it even if it cost a lot of job.  He answered, “YES.”  Republican Governors across this country are all willing to eliminate jobs; it has become a combined effort to keep unemployment as high as possible in order to blame President Obama and the Democrats.

Finally, someone in the Democratic Party has the backbone to stand up and state the obvious, New York U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer slammed Republicans, saying current stall tactics are costing the nation jobs and hampering efforts for an economic recovery. “Now it is becoming clear that insisting on a slash-and-burn approach may be part of this plan — and it has a double-benefit for Republicans,” Mr. Schumer said. “It is ideologically tidy and it undermines the economic recovery, which they think only helps them in 2012.” He also stated that “Republicans aren’t just opposing the president any more, they are opposing the economic recovery itself and all that means for America’s working and middle class families.” He seemed surprised that Republican maybe doing all of this to advance their agenda, everyone in America can see that, the only thing surprising about this is why don’t all Democrats see it?

Is there any reason why every Democrat in Congress and the Senate is not standing up and saying what everyone with any common sense all ready knows?  Boehner, Cantor and McConnell will continue to sell the same old lie to America about how spending cuts will create jobs and build the economy.  They are all willing to collapse our  nation’s  foundation for being the greatest nation on earth all because they hate the idea of an African-American in the white house.  It’s not about what’s good for our nation, the Republicans don’t care about that, they only care about selling off and/or privatizing any and all social programs possible, turning everything over to big business, so they get richer and the rest of us lose everything.

There seems to be only one way to regain control of our nation from these fanatics,  put things back on track and make America a great nation again as it should be.  The upcoming 2012 elections we need to vote out of office every Republican/Teabaggers who supported Paul Ryan’s budget plan. Every Republicans in Congress and the Senate who voted to destroy Medicare, Medicaid, they now also want to privatize Social Security, no matter how they want to “phases it,” the destruction of these vital programs is their biggest goal.  I can’t believe average middle class Republicans all want to throw away safety nets such as Medicare or Medicaid, are you all so rich that you can afford paying your own hospital and doctor bills alone?  Can all middle class Republicans afford to have Mom or Dad move in with you and someone having to take care of them for the rest of their lives because there’s no Medicaid  available to assist? There is an answer to all of this, vote these Republicans who want to eliminate the middle class life style out of office, they don’t deserve our loyalty they only want to destroy what we have and give it to the rich.

Mr. President why are you playing with these Republicans, they will never agree to anything, they will never be fair or bipartisan on anything you offer, the only thing they want from you is your Presidency.  You need to stand strong and have alternate solutions to what they will not offer.  If Republicans are unwilling to negotiate with the debt ceiling, then take all negotiations off the table entirely, use the powers granted you under the Constitution’s 14th Amendment. Next, end these wars; pull everyone out of Iraq by the end of end of this year (we should never had been there in the first place), then pull everyone out of Afghanistan by the end of 2012. Take all the money you will save (at least 100 billion) and invest in infrastructure rebuilding across this country where by putting millions of Americans back to work, and under no circumstances allow the Bush Tax Cuts to be renewed in 2012.  You have the American people on your side Mr. President so use this leverage to your advantage and do the right thing for all Americans.

Another government function which needs to be corrected is the whole thing about requiring a super majority votes, this loophole needs to be discontinued with a straight up and down vote.  Additionally the rules on filibustering needs to be eliminated entirely, why a government would allow a signal person to hold up an entire process. Look at what Rand Paul stated Sunday during an interview on C-SPAN, he announced a group of tea party Senators plans to filibuster raising the debt ceiling. How can we continue with this filibuster option when it only hurts our entire country?  These loopholes to the standard up and down vote on issues only slow down the entire democratic process, no wonder Americans is always says nothing ever gets done in Washington, it’s got to stop.

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Wisconsin Leadership Must Go:

The people of Wisconsin have been selected as ground zero for the most savage  Republican attack on the middle class and hard working Americans ever. For every Republican elected into office has become a vote to limit or eliminate the middle class rights, such as collective bargaining, pensions, health care, and education. Scott Walker’s true Republican agenda only became evident after he was seated in the Governor’s chair.  The radical ideology to kill Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security has been the dream of every Republican since Reagan.  Social programs such as these are vital to the survival of the middle class and poor, this is class warfare without question; Republicans want to do away with an entire class of people (the middle class), leaving only the rich and the poor. If Republicans can eliminate these programs they can hand-over America’s wealth to the super rich (in the form of tax cuts, loopholes, and subsidies), then in-turn the rich will pay their Republican minions for their undying support.  The grassroots movement which started with Wisconsin workers and its population has inspired millions and has spread like wild fire across American. Wisconsin, you can show all Americans just how powerful the middle class can be, starting next month with recall elections on state Republican senators, then in January with Governor Walker’s recall, then again in the November 20102 election when you can remove Wisconsin’s US Congressmen who no longer support the middle class.

 US Senators: Wisconsin US Senators are currently Democrats and MUST be supported and re-elected at all cost. We cannot afford to have any Democrats replaced with Republicans, it’s our survival.

Russ D. Feingold-(Democrat)

Herbert H. Kohl-(Democrat)


US Congressional Representatives: These are Wisconsin members of Congress who all voted for Paul Ryan’s budget plan which includes killing Medicare and turning it into a Voucher Program. Ryan plan will cost American’s elderly tens of thousands of dollars in “out of pocket expenses” just to maintain health coverage.  Give large tax
cuts to the top 2 percent and pay for it on the backs of the middle class and poor.  The only way the middle class/poor will be able to survive will be to have these Republicans listed below replaced with Democratic representatives during the 2012 elections.  Paul Ryan must be defeated in the 2012 election, his vision will most likely kill millions of our elderly if his plan is activated, I’m sure he has made enough from big business he supports, it’s time for him to go.  Wisconsin, if we don’t replace all of the following individuals we will allow the Republican Party the opportunity to continue it’s all out attack on America.

Paul Ryan,

James Sensenbrenner,

Thomas Petri,

Sean Duffy,

Reid Ribble.


 State Senate Recalls: Republicans listed below are up for recall, currently slotted for August 2011.  These individuals all voted with Governor Walker to eliminate collective bargaining for teachers, police officers, fire fighters (will be next), cut a billion for education and give hundreds of millions in tax cuts to big business and the super rich.  These recalls will flip the majority and allow the Democrats to stand-up to Governor Walker and his attack on Wisconsin’s population. Governor Scott Walker himself MUST be recalled and replaced in January 2012.

            Recall/Remove                                                         Elect New 

Robert Cowles (Republican)   District 2           Nancy Nusbaum (Democrat)

Alberta Darling (Republican)  District 8          Sandy Pasch (Democrat)

Sheila Harsdorf (Republican)  District 10       Shelly Moore (Democrat)

Luther Olsen (Republican)       District 14        Fred Clark (Democrats)

Randy Harper (Republican)     District 18        Jessica King (Democrats)

Dan Kapanke (Republican)      District 32        Jennifer Shilling (Democrats)

 The Republican Party has become so radical that true Republican conservatives like George Bush would be mistaken as a Democrat by today’s Republicans Party members. Republicans are so tied to big business and the super rich they no longer care about the average American workforce and the sad part is, they don’t care if you know it or not.  Polls about Medicare and taxing the rich are off the charts, but don’t affect their vision,  it’s as if they believe the polls are lies and they and only they knows what’s best for the American people, the only thing they know whats best is the size of their wallet.  The only way we (Middle Class Americans) will be able to pass any legislation that would  benefit all Americans not just the top 2 percent is to remove as many Republicans and replace them with Democrats.  We need a Democratic majority at the state levels, the US Congress (super majority) and US Senate, and lastly we need to keep a Democratic President in the White House or game over for all of us.  Can you image what this country would look like if Republicans had control over both houses and the  Presidency?   No social programs for the poor, children, elderly, college students, abortions would be out-law, Plan Parenthood would be defunded, no more minimum wage, outrages health care cost, no control over big business and the pollution they produce, elimination of all taxes for the super rich and corporations while they pollute our air, water and lands, oil spilling into our oceans will go unchecked, and toxic waste being dumped where ever with no accountability.  American wake up before it’s too late!   Wisconsin we are proud of all of you, keep fighting we need your strength as our rally cry.

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Mr. President Please Stand Strong

What is happening with Congress and this debt ceiling issue?  When has raising the debt ceiling ever involved spending cuts to social programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and other programs?  It seems like every time there is a budget or debt ceilings talk the Republicans demands cuts to social programs for the middle class and poor or else.  Republicans never seem to worry about debt ceilings increases and deficit reduction under President Bush, but now that a Democrat is in the white house, according to Republicans it’s the biggest issue ever, to the point where they are crying “the sky is falling, the sky is falling.”  Republicans continue to push for spending cuts while our country is still recovering from a recession and they have no intention to help grow this economy.  Republicans continue to lie to the America public by stating we need to cut spending in order to create jobs, in what dream world are they living in, or do they think if they keep telling America the same old rhetoric over and over until we start to believe?

During the 2011 budget talks, Republicans/Teabaggers threaten to shut down the government if their demand for $100 billion in spending cuts was not met, they also tried to totally defund Planned Parenthood program. Due to the Democrats total inability to negotiate (I call it–lack of a backbone) the Republicans ended up getting approx. $68 billion in spending cuts. The Democrats got NO new tax increases, NO corporation loopholes were closed, and NO subsidies were cut for big business or the rich.  Whoever the Democratic negotiator was, he or she should have been fired immediately and not let anywhere close to another negotiation table for the rest of his/her life.

During the debt ceiling talks, negotiations started with spending cuts to social and other programs to the tune of approx. $1.5 Trillion.  Big mistake, has no one learned anything when negotiating with Republicans, always start with the tax issues first.  When the subject of tax revenues was brought up (at the end of the negotiations) the Republicans yelled/screamed and stormed out of the talks.  Boehner then tells America that tax increases are off the table and will not be talked about, and Democrats’ just needs to accept that fact and get over it.  Are the Democrats and the President going to give-in once again to the Republican’s “no tax” ideology?  How much Mr. President are you willing to give away to Republicans, how much hurt are you willing to let the middle class and the poor endure before you stand up and say enough is enough!  Democrats looked like they were going to push back when they asked for $760 billion in revenues as part of the debt ceiling package. That would have been a two to one ratio (spending cuts to revenue intake formula) and that would be acceptable.  Republicans said no, then the Democrats came back with a $200-300 billion revenue request and again the Republicans said no, what’s happening, why reduce the request, looks like the Democrats will cave once again and get nothing.  A real Democratic negotiator would have said no revenues then no spending cuts!  Is there no one in the Democratic Party that has the abilities to aggressively negotiate on behalf of the America’s middle class, if not then I would suggest going outside the Party and ask Independent member Bernie Sanders.  We shall soon see what the Republicans are willing to do; destroy the world’s economy, crash stock markets and send America into a new depression in order to protect the top 2% of Americans and then try to blame Obama for everything.

Wonder how the 2012 budget talks will go?  If this negotiation pattern continues  as they have up to this point, I can easily guess that the Republicans will once again demand hundreds of billions in spending cuts.  These spending cuts will most likely be on the backs of middle class Americans again, (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security),  I believe at this point in the Republican’s game plan, they will now start to over-reach for cuts to the EPA, FDA, FAA, they will also try to eliminate funding for Plan Parenthood again.  On top of all of these outrages demands I believe the republicans will demand that the Bush tax cut continue or they will shut down the government, and this time they will be more than happy to shut down the government until they get what  they want.  We cannot allow cuts to vital agencies, and not let the Bush tax cuts to continue, they are bad for our country and dramatically increases the deficit.  Once again America will be held hostage by the Republican Party if no one is willing to stand up to them, this has got to stop!   Mr. President on 13 April 2011, you stated you would NOT renew the Bush tax cuts in 2012, please do not go back on your word no matter what the Republicans threaten, the Bush tax cuts has to end.

If members of the Democratic Party are unwilling to fight for or support the middle class, then they need to find another job and let someone who will take over.  We can no longer afford and allow the Republicans to dictate their extreme ideologies and their undying support to their real bosses (big business) at the cost of the middle class and the poor.  American’s eyes need to be open to what exactly the Republican Party is doing; Mitch McConnell stated “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”  That statement pretty much says everything, Republicans will NOT help this country get back on its feet at any cost until President Obama is defeated.  Between now and November 2012 the Democratic Party needs to show Americans what is happening, they should submit a new jobs creation bill weekly to Congress/Senate.  When the Republicans vote NO (and they will) on all job bill proposals, the Democrats should hold press conference announcing Republicans has shot down another job creation bill.  Hopefully these weekly announcements will awaken America to who exactly is stopping job creation in this country, slowing down recovery and keeping the unemployment rate so high.  Mr. President you need to start educating the America people on how Republicans are willing to destroy the entire middle class/poor so the top 2% can earn higher profits.  Please Stand Strong!

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